With a certain glitch in weather, second day started with a session of Mr. Ashok Poudel, Founder of Pahal Group which was about risk management in business. The volunteers played a game where they had to form a closed circle and not let the volunteers who enacted as problems enter the circle. Some of them consistently dealt with the problems whereas some of them lost their control over the problems. The participants had a fun learning and also knew about some of the ways to tackle the problems. The second session of the day was with our mentor, Mr. Sushil Poudel, Director of FoodMood who is taking his session about Implication of IT in Business. Third session of the day was group discussion where the respective mentors guided the team with their idea for their market research as well as further peaching session.

After then all of us had lunch and rushed into the hall for next session by Surya Thapaliya, Manager of Nepal Tourism Board. He provided the keynote for the participants for their business model & impact of the common business ideas to tourism. After a short high tea break, Deputy Director of Nepal Rastra Bank, Mr. Ram Kumar Karki addressed the session with the criteria & policy for investment on tourism industry by banking sectors. His session was followed by a lunch break at starting of the evening. A pitching training session was held right after lunch which was guided by Mr. Surendra Pariyar who was assisted by Mr. Ashok Poudel. After then, the participants were given time to prepare their presentation slides. To break monotonousness there was an open session to build up fellowship among the participants. There the participants showed their talent like they sang, they danced, told jokes and all.

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