TDC 2019 is a 3-day event on the theme “Travel and Tourism” focusing on the development of innovative solutions to address the problem in the tourism industry existing in our society. The event aims to attract most energetic, talented and vibrant youth from KATHAMDNU and POKHARA to compete with each other to develop the most elegant solution. The participants will brainstorm, maybe code if necessary and create a working prototype within the event time.

Participants are selected through a rigorous application process. They are required to submit their ideas by Only the team with selected idea is eligible for participation in the TDC and needs to register for the event. The registration fee for each team is marked as NRS 10,000 /- where each team consist of 3 individuals with one female compulsory and the fee for individual participants is NRS 3000 /-. A total of 10 team and 20 individual participants will be selected among all the applicants.