Tourism Digitalization Challenge
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What is Tourism Digitalization Challenge?

This event will make use of Information Technology to innovate and build applicable systems by brainstorming ideas to bring change in the tourism industry and help make travel faster, easier and safer for Local and International Tourist.
This challenge is a learning and idea building experience. The projects approach can be defined as a collaborative learning setting that aims to promote profession-oriented skills. In TDC, the students write programs together, solve problems related to their work together and dine together. The main goal is to create usable platforms that solves the problem being addressed. There is no restriction on the type of system being created. With the Tourism Year 2020 on its way this challenge hopes to help in creating an impact in the improvement of Tourism Industry of Nepal

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What is Tourism Digitalization Challenge?

Objectives of TDC

1. To organize an event from which problem solving ideas will be generated by the participants.
2. To help participants in building up their idea with proper use of technology.
3. To help participants understand and tackle the challenges and needs in the tourism industry
and help it improve with the use of information technology.
4. To encourage students to participate in entrepreneurship and develop an implementation
of their ideas.
5. To bring up ideas that will make an impact on the Travel & Tourism and Technology
industry of Nepal.

Objectives of TDC

Scope of Event

TDC 2019 is a 3day event starting from 4th of April till 6th at HOTEL SNOWLAND, POKHARA. For the event, participants will form teams with 3 members and submit their application. The teams will go through a selection process. Each selected team will be working on solving a thematic problem. The event comprises of sessions where mentorship will be provided regarding programming and business ideas. At the end of the sessions, participants are required to produce minimum viable solutions corresponding to their original idea. All participants will be provided with good internet access, food and lodging (for participants outside the city) for the duration of the event. They will also be provided with merchandise items such as T-shirts, stickers, etc.

General Rules

● Each team will have 6 min for presentation in front of the jury.
● Any activities that bring disrespect to the jury team will be taken as an activity against the
event so will be punished accordingly.
● The time of arrival of jury team will be informed in the event venue.
● Participants should pitch and demonstrate their solutions.
● In case of any kind of dispute the decision made by jury shall be final.

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